Frequently Asked Questions

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Grafting is the process of removing a branch from one tree, and grafting or attaching it onto another. The branch eventually fuses to the tree and continues growing just like it should. WIth fruit trees, this means you can get multiple types of fruit from the same tree.

While we are still finalizing our available fruit varieties, it is important to note not all fruits are compatible with one another.

To keep it simple, citrus (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) graft onto citrus, while stoney fruits (apples, peaches, cherries, etc.) graft onto other stoney fruits. Combining them is not possible.

Yes! Our trees utilize dwarf rostock, meaning they will not get above eight feet tall, the perfect height for a statement piece in your living room. When ordering, make sure and let us know what maximum height you are looking for. We have varieties that range from four to twelve feet tall.

If growing indoors, remember your tree will need plenty of light. Make sure and place it in a well lit area like a southern facing window. You can use grow lights as well if you prefer.

If cared for properly, our trees yield fruit at least once a year. Some varieties may yield three or four times a year. Each yield will depend on what varietes you have on your tree and your tree’s maturity. However, given the dwarf nature of our trees, they will not prevent you from ever needing to buy produce again. Rather, our trees are intended to be a houseplant with added benefits: better connecting you with your food and revealing how much effort can go into getting produce on your table. When purchasing, you will get a more specific idea of your tree’s specific yield.
Our trees are customizable. That means we do the grafting in-house with our trained professionals. In order to ensure a healthy graft, we hold your tree for approx. 3 weeks. If you are looking for a tree sooner, check out our available classic grafts which are ready to ship!

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